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We Make An Impact

Did you know independent research and experience demonstrates that children participating in Released Time programs do better academically and have fewer behavioral problems? 

...At School

Released Time programs have a positive impact on the culture and success of public school students by:

  • teaching biblically-based character and leadership skills

  • engaging in prayer for and with students

  • reducing disciplinary issues

  • reducing violence

  • reducing vandalism

  • increasing students’ sense of responsibility and self-respect

Good grades are important but alone are not enough to ensure children will grow up to live happy and productive lives.

  • When you entrust your student to caring Christians in your community, dedicated to sharing God’s Truth in love, you will see that Released Time Bible Education can lead to stronger academic performance and better behavior.

  • When a student gains understanding of the Bible and a relationship with Jesus Christ, they are encouraged to grow in their faith at a church, bringing parents and siblings with them.

...and in our Community

Source: "Benefits of Released Time" March 2022


Teachers and Staff

"Substitute teaching I see firsthand kids' excitement to come to TCE! They are participating and soaking in how God's word is applicable today."

"TCE  is a wonderful  thing for our children. Not very many parents attend church anymore and the children need this."

"Thank you so much for all you do and how much you care. God bless you all!"


"We're doing everything we can to teach our girls to follow Jesus, and TCE has been an additional support for our family."

"We're so thankful for the volunteers and leaders who see the value of reaching all kids where they are!"

"The fact our kids are  regularly discipled by the leaders at TCE is amazing! It helps extend their community of Christian support."

Community Members
and Volunteers

"I am truly inspired by the kids' genuine desire to learn God's word and memorize a different verse each week."

"They are really rooting God's
word into their hearts."

"The lessons these children are learning are both a spiritual and moral compass to help them navigate through life."

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