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Couple with Kids


We would love to have your student join us at TCE!


Student Sign Up for TCE is
Quick & Easy!

Curriculum at a glance...


Walking with Jesus....

Seeing the footsteps of Jesus through the Bible & learning to follow Him.

Middle School

Know, Grow & Go with your faith...

Year long mini series of lessons to focus middle schoolers on:

  • Fundamentals of their faith

  •  Growing their faith deeper

  • Serving with their faith

frequently asked questions

How often do we meet?

  • Once a week


How is this legal?​

  • Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) is allowed if parent permission is given

  • Classes are held off school campus during school hours

  • The program is privately funded with no public money


How is it funded?

  • Private donors

  • Supporting community sponsors, including churches


What do you do at TCE?

  • We play fun, exciting games as well as spend time learning a Bible lesson 

frequently asked questions

How do you screen volunteers?

All volunteers MUST:

  • Submit an application

  • Undergo a background check

  • Attend an annual training before serving


How are students transported to TCE locations?​

  • Middle School students are transported to our off site location using insured church vans

  • Elementary students walk with screened volunteers to a nearby off site location


When does TCE meet?​

  • Middle School students meet over Titan Time once a week

  • Elementary students meet over recess once a week

All students have time to eat
at school on TCE days

Further questions can be directed to

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